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Why Choose

01. Who we are

Engineers, Automation Experts, Advisors, focused on the making a positive impact on in world. We’re relentless in the pursuit of innovative ideas and solutions to provide our clients the best possible results and to better serve our community. 

02. What we do

IGT is a leading Information Technology Service provider specializing in Consulting, Product Development, Software Services, Robotics Process Automation and Quality Assurance. Software quality is critical for technology investments to pay off. At IGT, we deliver confidence in the quality of our clients’ software products, so that they can be released with assurance and used without doubts or hesitation. Our strength is based on the quality of the people on our team. Together, we combine deep technical expertise with decades of experience in system performance optimization, management and enterprise IT.

03. What we believe

Our corporate social responsibility embodies our global approach to creating sustainable growth through innovation, and reflects our commitment to creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our employees, clients and the communities we operate in. At IGT, we promote diversity and equality across our workforce and invest in the continuing education of all our employees. We are firm believers in creating harmony between work and life, and understand that means something different for every individual. We always celebrate great work and our people.  

04. Our Mission 

To help our clients to achieve their business goals, create value and partner to deliver a high standard of excellence.  To create an environment for every
employee to realize their dreams and nurture their aspirations. To strive for Excellence
and contribute in helping society by providing innovative technological solutions.