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QA Services

Quality assurance helps a company create products and services that meet the needs, expectations and requirements of customers. It yields high-quality product offerings that build trust and loyalty with customers. The concept of QA as a formalized practice started in the manufacturing industry, and it has since spread to most industries, including software development.

IGT is globally one of the fastest growing companies offering QA services to help organizations develop robust testing strategies. With the best performance ratio we evaluate, define, and provide a roadmap which meets your business requirements. Our comprehensive expertise in this field will enable you to raise your confidence and help compete better. To perform testing, our accomplished QA team uses detailed checklists, blueprints and reviews wireframes instantly. We take our solutions through a series of rigorous test drives making sure nothing falls apart and ensure all the features and functionalities are working smoothly. We also run the application through a variety of diagnostic tools with a detailed cross platform evaluation across multiple channels. The final product is then amplified with every scenario making it error free and compatible as desired.

Our Services

Automation Testing

Every software developed brings about defects even after thorough testing and development. Testing teams strive to catch them before the product is released but they tend to reappear even with the best manual testing processes. Automation testing is the best way.....

Manual Testing

Manual testing solutions play a vital role in the preliminary stages of development. It is critical because layouts and commands differ in response to interface and user feedback. Software manual testing service is carried out from the end user’s perspective, therefore......

API Testing

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API describes how one software program communicates and exchanges information, interacts in coherence with other software programs. API is a set of functions, subroutines, protocols, standards, and.....

Mobile QA

The enormous advancement in the mobile market generates substantial challenges for any company going mobile. IGT offers Mobile Quality Assurance services for mobile applications on a wide range of devices that make the process of going mobile easier for......

Performance Testing

Performance testing puts the software through a set of robust exercises to determine the compatibility of both hardware and software instability and also to highlight the possibility of errors as and when they arise. Different tests are used to verify the performance.......

 QA Analysis

Quality Assurance (QA) Analysis is a crucial part within software testing and development. The programs are to be assessed subjectively and run through a chain of tests to ensure they are authentic and operating. In addition to this it is very important that the user......

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