Power BI

As organizations embrace a data culture to drive business decisions, they need an enterprise business intelligence platform that can meet their sophisticated needs – from self-service BI to full enterprise governance, from paginated reports to full interactive data exploration, and from small data sets to petabytes of data.

Power BI is an analytics tool developed by Microsoft that turns your bits of unstructured data into a visually compelling story. It consists of the Power BI Desktop, the SaaS Power BI Service, and a range of mobile apps (iOS and Android compatible). These tools take big data and help your business or organization ask the right questions and receive actionable insights. Power BI takes information from disparate data sources and turns them into custom visuals designed to help an organization not only read the info but get a clear idea of what to do. The right data visualization can be the difference between having unstructured data that disappears and using that data to make critical (and more importantly, correct) decisions.

IGT offers Power BI consulting services to assist clients with configuring and deploying the business intelligence platform on Microsoft Power BI. In addition to having a robust knowledge of Power BI, our consultants have a background in business intelligence or data visualization. They can successfully leverage their knowledge to assist businesses with implementing Power BI and using it correctly. Alongside implementation, IGT’s brand experts can categorically assist with additional training or support related to Power BI. Businesses benefit from enhanced training and support opportunities when the product is freshly integrated. Consultants are prepared to answer questions, provide one-on-one training, and curate support guidelines for the business if needed. For more generic business intelligence consulting that does not focus on a specific product, businesses might consider hiring a business intelligence consulting provider.

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