Performance Testing

Performance testing includes multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as benchmark where and when the issues arise. Different tests are used to verify the performance from varied angles. The ultimate goal of any software, mobile app or web application is to deliver the optimum performance in every scenario, and that’s why load and performance testing is an integral part of the overall performance testing process.

IGT’s Performance and Capacity Planning service, as well as our Performance Engineering & Optimization can help you find your site’s breaking point so you can fix inefficiencies prior to release, add additional hardware, or be prepared for future scalability needs. We will be able to tell you exactly how many users your site can handle before it starts to respond more slowly. We can point you to exactly how many transactions you can process per day, hour, or even per second before the site begins to exhibit stress.  We can then work with you to fix the performance issues and make sure your site is ready for production, and ready for the growth of your company.


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