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Automation Testing

Every software developed brings about defects even after thorough testing and development. Testing teams strive to catch them before the product is released but they tend to reappear even with the best manual testing processes. Automation testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and summary of your software testing. These automation tests can be done overnight, freeing up human and system resources during the day for high-level, fundamental testing. This in return will offer you an edge over your productivity and the ability to venture into more sustainable and profitable business.   

Automated software testing has long been considered crucial but is often thought to be too expensive to implement. IGT offers affordable and scalable test automation that enables easy transition from manual to automated testing. Our automated testing can resemble tens, hundreds or thousands of users interacting with a network, software and web applications. Our testing team is well equipped to perform end-to-end testing to precisely execute and record the results every single time. With IGT, you and your team will spend less time resolving issues more time assessing the quality of your output function.


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